Dog Walker Crosshills Area

Review 1 dog walker crosshills

I would highly recommend Dog With Two Tails. Alice has been walking my 3 year old chocolate lab Nala for 18 months now and I cannot praise her enough for the service and care she provides, she is an absolute godsend! Nala is very fond of Alice as she has built up such a good rapport with her.

Alice is very reliable and trustworthy and I feel at ease entrusting her with a key. It’s also a really nice touch coming home to find a little note left after every walk telling us how much fun Nala has had! If you are looking for a dog walker Crosshills area I can highly recommend.

Zoe Glossop

Review 2

Alice has been walking our dog Inca for 2 years now, since Inca was a
young puppy. Alice walks her four times a week, with one or two other
dogs at a time.

Before meeting Alice, I was nervous about the idea of giving a
stranger a key to our house, and letting them take our precious puppy!
We also have two house-cats which I was scared would be accidentally
let out and lost forever. But as soon as I met Alice I felt like I
could trust her to care for Inca AND make sure the cats are kept safe.

The first time Alice took Inca for a walk, I was at work and I was so
nervous about it. It was brilliant when Alice texted me to let me know
that Inca was safely back home and that she’d had a lovely time. I
think, if memory serves, she might have texted me a picture from the
walk too.

When Inca had her first season, sooner than we expected, we were
really worried about her being out in public. But we knew that Alice
would look after her. Inca had some solo walks, and some group walks
with trusty dogs where Alice kept her safely on lead. Ditto when Inca
was spayed and was delicate; Alice didn’t let her over-exert herself
while she was still healing.

Alice is completely reliable. She doesn’t walk many dogs at a time,
which means that the dogs are not in the van for long during pick up
and drop off. And obviously she knows a lot about animals, and as
first-time dog owners, we really appreciate being able to ask for her
advice and reassurance.

Just as importantly as all this, we really feel like Alice cares for
and even loves Inca and her other dogs. She has a lovely way with
them, and on special occasions she gives them presents of special
doggy treats, usually home made!

I like getting home at the end of each day and seeing Alice’s note
about what Inca has done that day. We know which dogs Inca is best
mates with, and little quirky things she’s done. Alice also takes
photos and videos of the dogs on walks and puts them on the Dog With
Two Tails Facebook page – I love actually seeing what Inca has gotten
up to.

And finally, Inca is SMITTEN with Alice. Sometimes I am home when
Alice collects Inca. Inca hears Alice’s van pull up and even if she is
sound asleep snoring she will suddenly jump up and sit by the front
door, completely ignoring me. I could offer her a lamb shank and she
wouldn’t take her eyes off the door. Then she trots off with Alice
without a backwards glance for me – it’s almost offensive!

We couldn’t speak more highly of Alice. We’re so glad we found her,
and would recommend her to anyone that loves their dog.

F Brown

Review 3

Alice has been walking our dog Snoop for the past two years, ever since he was a puppy, and she is fantastic.

Alice is friendly, trustworthy, extremely reliable and always happy to adapt to our working week. Snoop absolutely adores Alice and she always goes above and beyond the service we expected – we receive a note telling us what Snoop gets up to on his walks and he is very partial to the home-made treats Alice bakes for him occasionally.

We cannot recommend her enough!

Stephanie Ruotolo

Review 4

I can’t recommend Alice enough she provides an amazing service. Alice is friendly, approachable and reliable, I can always count on her when I need her, and I can go to work with confidence that Belle is in good hands.

Thank You Alice

Christina Greenwood