cat sitter

Cat Sitter

Cats aren’t big fans of change. So when you go on holiday you may want a cat sitter to avoid taking them to stay in a cattery, which no matter how nice it is, it’s never as good as home. Catteries can be highly stressful for cats, so why not let them stop at home with my cat care service?
As a part of the service I feed & provide your cat with clean water, give him/her lots of fuss & attention & play, clean and refill litter tray as required, groom & give medication if needed. Depending on your cat’s routine & preferences I offer a twice daily Cat visit, morning and evening, or a once daily Cat visit.

Morning & Evening Visit – £12

Once Daily Visit – £7

Prices per cat each additional cat in the same household charged at £2 extra per cat care visit.

pet feeding

Other Animals

Small Animal Daily Care Visit –

If you’re away for a day or two, and need someone to take care of your little furry friends, why not consider my daily visit service? I’ll pop round to make sure all is well and good. The service consists of providing fresh food & water, enclosure mini clean and of course lots of fuss & attention.  £7 per visit, per enclosure, each additional enclosure £2 extra per visit.

Full Enclosure Clean – If your bunny’s hutch is in need of a clean but don’t have the time to do it, let me do the dirty work for you with a full enclosure clean.

Large Enclosure Clean – Rabbit/ Guinea pig/Ferret  – £10

Small Enclosure Clean – Hamster/Mouse/Gerbil – £7

Other Animals –  include chickens, reptiles & other birds – £10 for large enclosure, £7 for small enclosure

Small Holding – Please contact to discuss price

water garden

Other services

If you’re away from home I can come and collect your post, open/close curtains, put bins out and water your garden & indoor plants. Giving you piece of mind your home is being cared for while you’re away.

£5 per day Farnhill & Kildwick Area

£7 per day All Other Areas

Add £2.50 when visiting house to care for animals.

Please note that weekends & bank holidays are charged at time and a half for all services.