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For my first ever blog post I’ve decided to put together some ideas to keep your dog calm & occupied while home alone, whether you’re out at work or out for the evening.

We all know that dogs don’t particularly like being left alone for long periods of time, they can quickly become bored. A combination of excess energy and no mental stimulation often lead to dogs devising ways of entertaining themselves; resulting in unwanted behaviour e.g. chewing things they shouldn’t! Being home alone can also be very stressful for some dogs; separation anxiety can manifest itself in many ways e.g. toileting & destructive behaviour. Here’s 10 Ways to help your dog cope being home alone.


  1. Starting with the most obvious; taking your dog out for a walk before you leave the house is a great way of releasing some of their energy. The longer the walk the better when it comes to a fit healthy dog. If you don’t have a lot of time to spare take a ball thrower out with you, getting your dog to run after a ball can tire them out quickly rather than just a short walk.

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  1. There are a variety of boredom breaker food based toys for dogs out there. These are fantastic for keeping your dog occupied & their minds active. Kong continues to be my favourite go to dog toy mainly due to the tough durability of the toys as well as the variety available. They seem to always be dreaming up great new toys to keep your dogs’ entertained. Here are a few of my favourite (just remember to rotate them to keep them fresh & interesting –

Original Kong toy – Dog toy made from natural rubber and designed to satisfy your dog’s desire to chew. It can be filled with treats and bounces around in unpredictable directions.

Kong Gyro is sure to entertain, with an irresistible ‘roll and flip’ action that entices and intrigues dogs. The dynamic centre-spinning orb and static outer ring encourage dogs to push, paw and roll the Gyro, delightfully dispensing tasty treat rewards along the way. Ideal for independent play. Stuff with snacks or kibble for added fun and extended playtime. Available in large and small sizes.

KONG Marathon is a toy and treat combo that really goes the distance. The Marathon chew treat locks firmly into the toy, creating a long-lasting challenge. Great for boredom, stress or a rewarding chew session.

Pawzzles offer the ultimate treat-dispensing challenge for the smartest of pups. The unique shapes offer mental and physical stimulation while fulfilling natural foraging instincts, resulting in the ultimate of rewards – a treat. If you want to up the challenge, change the treat size; the larger the treat the greater the difficulty. Pawzzles are available in 4 shapes and 2 sizes.


  1. Another fun idea to keep your dog entertain while you’re out is to create a “busy bucket”. The base of this can be anything you have at hand; a bucket or plastic box will work best. Simply layer the bucket with treats, towels and toys to keep little noses busy rummaging to get to those tasty treats! Create layers and layers of fun and entertainment for your dog.

busy bucket

  1. Deer/Elk Antlers are great to give your dog something tasty to chew on. A lot of dogs go crazy for an antler chew even if they’re not normally big into chewing (like mine). Unlike giving your pooch something like a marrow bone to chew on these are so much safer as they tend to crumble rather than splinter. Just make sure they don’t get small enough for your dog to accidentally choke on. The antler chews also provide a source of various minerals, vitamins & calcium as well as promoting good oral health.


  1. Leave the T.V or Radio on for your dog while you’re out. A bit of background noise can help distract and calm. Try to pick something soothing, the last thing you want to put on is sound & footage of a firework display (unless your dog is into that!). Tilly’s personal faves are audio books (she seems to like Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter!), Radio 4, random YouTube “Chill out” channels and Blue Planet!

dog radio

  1. Treat your dog to an I-Fetch. The ball launching machine that could keep your pup entertained for hours! Bit of an investment for a dog toy at around £135!


  1. Create a giant Popsicle for your dog to lick to their hearts content! Fill a silicone cake mould with treats & toys, top up with water then pop it in the freezer.

dog popsicle

  1. Another investment buy … An Interactive Pet Camera! There’s quite a few various makes now on the market, prices around £140 upwards. They promise the dream for dog owners – being able to see, hear, talk to, monitor activity & give treats to your dog while you’re not at home!

dog camera

  1. Four words – bun tin, tennis balls. Simply scatter your dog’s food or treats in the separate bun tin holes then cover with tennis balls. Your dog will have fun knocking the tennis balls out the way to find the tasty treats. Try alternating treats in the different sections for a tasty surprise.

dog bun tins

  1. I’ve got to add it to the list, the very best way to keep your dog entertained when home alone is to break up their day with a walk with a dog walker! Nothing beats a nice long walk out in the fresh air, taking in new smells & simply having fun with their friends. Leaving them both physically and mentally stimulated which tires them out nicely, ready for a snooze in their bed to await your return home. Combine this with the ideas mentioned above and you’ll have yourself one contented dog!

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